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Reservation Deposits:

A $200 deposit is required to confirm your reservation in a furnished accommodation. Payment in full  is required to confirm your reservation for a campsite,  if your reservation for a furnished accommodation is made less than 30 days prior to your arrival date, or if the total cost is less than $200.  You must pay for campsites in full at the time you receive your email confirmation from us via credit or debit card. We prefer payment for deposits to be paid after your email confirmation via credit or debit card.  If you choose to pay your deposit by check,  Southern Adirondack Pines Campground and Cabins must receive the deposit within 3 business days of our response to your reservation request to guarantee your reservation. If a check is not received within 3 business days, an email reminder will be sent and the deposit must be paid by credit or debit card or the reservation will be canceled. No processing fee will be charged for deposits paid via credit or debit card.


We prefer that any balance due at the the time of check in be paid in cash or via check. If you need to pay by credit or debit card, an additional 3% processing fee will be added.      Back to Top


Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Reservation deposits will be refunded, minus a 10% cancellation fee (minimum fee is $25), if the reservation is cancelled at least 45 days before your scheduled arrival.  If the reservation is cancelled less than 45 days before your scheduled day of arrival, a refund will only be given if we can re-rent the accommodation.  Refunds will be paid by check, regardless of the means used to pay the deposit. 


We appreciate your cooperation in understanding that reservations ensure your accommodations will be available as you request them and assures Southern Adirondack Pines that accommodations confirmed by deposit are sold. Receipt of your deposit serves as acceptance of Southern Adirondack Pines Campground and Cabins deposit-refund policy. Therefore, when situations arise necessitating cancellation less than 45 days in advance, we most certainly do sympathize. Since the majority of reservations are made several months in advance, however, we must maintain this as a business policy.  Your deposit (less 10% or  $25 cancellation fee) will be refunded only if Southern Adirondack Pines is subsequently able to re-rent the accommodation.   

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Swimming at Southern Adirondack Pines:

All of our accommodations and campsites come with passes for your party covering admission to Pine Lake Park Beach for the duration of your stay. The beach is less than a 2 minute walk from all our accommodations and campsites. 


The beach offers certified lifeguards, an ice cream and refreshment stand, arcade, and miniature golf. We're confident that you'll agree that there is not a better beach in the entire Adirondacks! The hours of operation are 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM.  The beach is open each season from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Between Memorial Day and the last day of school each year, the beach is only open on weekends. Once school is out for the summer, the beach is open 7 days a week.  The beach is closed at times of inclement weather.


At times the beach is not open, there is a natural beach on state land at the end of Pine Lake Rd, which is a 10 minute walk or a 2 minute drive. These two locations are the only places we can allow any of our customers to wade or swim at Pine Lake.  Many of our visitors also enjoy the hike to Nine Corner Lake, which is a popular place to swim and features a rope swing.


If you are staying in one of our furnished accommodations (Birch Tree, Blue Spruce, Pine Grove, Hemlock Cabin and Leslie's lakeview Cabin), you have access to use our lakefront to sun, play in the sand and enjoy the view of Pine Lake. Campers staying on our Lakeview Campsites are not granted use of this area.  Due to restrictions by the NYS Dept of Health that require lifeguards for beaches, we can not allow anyone to swim or wade on our lakefront property. Please make sure to follow this requirement and take the very short walk to the public beach to swim.

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Minimum Stay Requirements:

All furnished accommodations have a minimum stay of 2 nights.  Holiday weekends (Memorial, Independence and Labor Days) have a minimum stay of 3 nights.  The Hemlock Cabin must be reserved for a full week during prime season.  Weekly rental rates apply to Saturday - Saturday rentals only, unless approved by us prior to completing the reservation process.  Back to Top



Minimum Age for Renting:

Due to insurance liability restrictions, unless you are a family vacationing together, we will not rent any accommodations unless all members of the rental party are over the age of 21. If reservations are made to a rental party in which someone has falsely represented his / her age, the deposit will be forfeited and the reservation will be cancelled.  Back to Top



Check In and Check Out Times:

Check in time for all accommodations is 3:00PM. Check out time is 11:00AM. There may be the possibility of early check in for your accommodation, depending on occupancy prior to your day of arrival.  If you'd like an early check in, please contact us 2-3 days before your arrival day to see if we can honor the request.  Back to Top


Visitor Policy

Up to 4 day visitors are allowed at a campsite or furnished accommodation. All day visitors must depart by 10:00PM  Back to Top


Sales and Occupancy Tax:

Due to recent changes to New York State Tax Code, we no longer are required  to charge sales tax on furnished accommodations in which the length of stay is less than 1 week.  The sales tax rate at Southern Adirondack Pines (Fulton County) is 8.00% and is applied to firewood, dock rental, and boat rentals.  All prices shown on the website for items subject to sales tax include the sales tax.  


As opf July 1, 2017, all furnished accommodations (Birch Tree, Pine Grove, Blue Spruce, Hemlock Cabin, Leslie's Lakeview Cabin) are subject to a 4% Fulton County Occupancy Tax. Prices on the website do not include this tax. Your confirmation email will include the total with this tax. Back to Top


Weekly Rentals:

Weekly rentals must run from Saturday to Saturday during prime season. During off-season, the weekly rate applies to any week long rental.  Weekly rentals receive a 10% discount off the daily rate (15% during off-season)

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Dog Policy:


The only furnished accommodations that we will allow dogs to occupy is the Blue Spruce Cottage and the Lakeview Cabin. Dogs are NOT allowed in the Pine Grove, Hemlock Cabin, or Birch Tree and are not allowed to visit the lakefront area under any circumstances. A $50 cash damage deposit is required for reservations at the Blue Spruce Cottage or Lakeview Cabin if a dog will be part of the party. The deposit will be returned 1 week after departure if no damage was done during your stay.  




Well behaved dogs are welcome on all of our Lakeview campsites except on holiday weekends. Holiday weekends are very busy and there have been issues in the past requiring different rules for these periods.


All dogs at Southern Adirondack Pines Campground and Cabins must be on a leash at all times. Owners of the dog are required to clean up after their pet immediately.  No excessive barking will be tolerated. In addition, dogs are not allowed on Pine Lake Park Beach. 


Due to serious allergy concerns, CATS are never allowed in any accommodation!  

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Other Rental Fees:

Southern Adirondack Pines Campground and Cabins offers the following services at the rates listed below:


Docking:   $50 Wk / $10 Day (You MUST notify us at the time of the reservation!!) We do not offer docking for jet skis or pontoon boats. The boat launch for Pine Lake is only available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Canoe or Paddle Boat Rentals:  $25 Day / $15 Half Day


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A self-serve rack is located near the office so you can purchase wood to take to your site (it is an honor system with a lock box to place your payment in). When the rack is empty, there are several sources of firewood nearby.  Please remember - DEC regulations prohibits transporting firewood more than 50 miles unless it is kiln dried. Please help us keep invasive species out of the Adirondack Park by obtaining your firewood locally!  Back to Top