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Hike to Broomstick Lake!

Broomstick Lake was the site for some of the filming of the movie The Last of the Mohicans, made in 1936. This was the first adaptation of the great novel by James Fenimore Cooper. The story takes place during the French and Indian War, and tells the tale of Alice and Cora Monro, who are trying to rejoin their father at Fort William Henry. Alice and Cora are aided by Uncas and Chingachgook, the last survivors of the Mohican tribe. (You can borrow a copy of the movie to enjoy if you happen to hit some rainy weather during your stay!)

The trail to Broomstick Lake is only a couple minute drive up Rt 10 from Southern Adirondack Pines.  The hike is an easy one, and suitable for all ages.  The round trip to the lake is about 1.7 miles, following a stream that flows from the lake into Stoner Creek.

The lake is surrounded by grassy lands on the east end and is wooded on the west side. The area around the lake is great for exploring on your own. Perhaps you'll run into a descendent of Alice and Cora, or find a relic of the Mohicans themselves!

Directions to Trail Head - Broomstick Lake:
1. Turn right onto Rt 29A (toward Pine Lake Lodge)
2. Bear to the right north onto Rt 10.
3. the trail head is up about 1 mile on the left.