Canoe & Kayak to Stewart's Landing!

This route is a favorite of the visitors to Southern Adirondack Pines. It offers a wonderful view of Canada, West and Lilly Lakes and the outlet down to the dam at Stewart's Landing. This route is considered flatwater, with little current evident in the outlet from Lilly Lake to the dam.

The round trip from the boat launch on West Lake to the dam and back is about 11 miles. The start of the route is a wandering stream from the boat launch out onto West Lake.  This is the same stream that forms to back boundary of Southern Adirondack Pines. The stream weaves for about 1/4 mile before entering West Lake. Once you've reached West Lake, cross the lake on a heading to the southeast, toward Dolgeville Point. This is a narrow point of land with a few cottages accessible only by boat. Round the point and head to the southwest towards Lilly Lake.

Once around Dolgeville Point, there are several state campsites on the south shoreline of the outlet and Lilly Lake. These points are rarely used, and make a great spot to stop for a rest or snack. The paddle down to the dam is a great opportunity to enjoy the wildlife (you'll nearly always see a heron or two) and drop in a line (bass, trout and pickerel are most common).

The spillway of the dam attracts white water kayakers, especially during spring and early summer. After you pull up on the sandy beach area on the northeast side of the dam, you may get a chance to see someone navigate the rapids!

If you wish to make your trip to Stewart's Landing shorter by paddling only one way, you can make arrangements with us to pick you up and transport you and your canoe back to the boat launch at West Lake.

Directions to Launch Site - West Lake to Stewart's Landing:
1. Turn left when exiting the park onto Rt 29A, towards Caroga Lake
2. Turn right onto West Lake Rd and the brown DEC state boat launch sign (about 1 mile from the park)
3. The boat launch is about 1/4 mile up West Lake Rd.  There is normally adequate parking.