Canoe & Kayak on Pine Lake!

Canoeing on Pine Lake is special, because for a small lake, there is such variety. The surrounding mountains are beautiful - Kane Mountain's firetower can be seen when launching from the beach, Pine Mountain's color in the fall, and the subtle contours as the cloud's shadows glide across the peaks to the northeast.  As you can paddle by the cottages on the west shore, you can still see evidence showing this area was originally settled as part of a short lived logging industry in the late 1800's.

If you want more solitude, all you need do is paddle down to the north end of the lake, and turn the corner past the sandy peninsula that defines the inlet portion of the lake. Once you are a few hundred feet past the point, you will be surrounded by mountains, trees, wildlife, and your thoughts.

There are two branches of the inlet to explore. If you venture off to the right, you'll pass a beaver lodge (hidden in a stump on the left shore, just as you enter this branch) and large rock for climbing. If you continue on, you'll come to a beautiful babbling stream which feeds the lake. If you want to combine your canoeing with a hike, the stream is a great place to explore.

If you bear slightly to the left after turning the corner of the lake, you'll continue on another 3/8 of a mile and will discover the work of nature's engineers - there is a great example of a beaver dam, holding back the pressure of a pond formed several feet higher than the main lake. If you chose, you can portage over the dam and continue further upstream.

While Pine Lake is normally quite quiet, motor boats are allowed on the lake. On weekends, early morning will offer the least traffic.

Directions to Launch Site - Pine Lake:
1. You may launch your canoe directly from our beach, in front of the Hemlock cabin, or you can drive down to the end of Pine Lake Rd. and launch from the state boat launch